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How It Works Features and Benefits Meet the Lockers The Fine Print

So, how does Owner's Locker work? Well, we’re tempted to say it’s magic or perhaps little elves.

Actually, Owner's Locker is a service that allows you to store your vacation gear in Orlando and have it delivered to your hotel or resort everytime you visit. It's easy and convenient, and takes just 2 easy steps to set up.

In fact, once you've signed up, all you have to do is schedule your visits and Owner's Locker takes care of the rest.

Simply click on the "Sign Up Now!" button to become an Owner’s Locker Member.

Not coming right away? Not a problem. You can sign up now and you won't be charged until the end of your first visit. Your yearly storage/delivery plan is not charged until your Locker comes back into the warehouse filled for the first time. This date then becomes your Anniversary Date for your yearly storage/delivery plan.

Need another Locker? We recommend getting just one to start. They are bigger than you might think! If you do decide that you need additional Lockers. You simply order an additional Locker and choose a yearly storage/delivery plan.

Once you’ve signed up, go into your account (we call it your dashboard) and schedule your first Visit. There you'll tell us when you’re coming and where you'll be staying.

OK, this one's not really a step... We just love to say "go on vacation" any chance we get. Woohoo!!!

When you arrive at your hotel or resort, you’ll find your Locker waiting for you in the resort luggage room.

Now, here’s the good part. When you’re ready to leave, pack up all your stuff into your Locker and take it back to your resorts luggage room. You can keep track of the contents of your Locker through your online dashboard. When you leave, Owner’s Locker will pick up your locker and store it until your next visit. We’ll keep it for you in our secure, climate controlled warehouse so you know your stuff is safe.

The next time you come back, schedule another Visit and Owner’s Locker will bring back your Locker, this time, with all your stuff in it!


Owner's Locker is about convenience and making your vacation club, timeshare or resort feel more like your second home.

It’s designed to be easy to use, flexible to your needs and safe for your belongings.

Owner's Locker is designed around your needs and includes the following features:

As an Owner's Locker Member, you'll have access to your account 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year through your online dashboard. Through the dashboard, you can name your locker, manage your account info, schedule all of your visits, create an online inventory of the stuff in your Locker and track every movement of your Locker from our warehouse to your resort...and back.

Take a look! Click here for a screenshot of the dashboard.(Will open in a pop-up.)

Your Locker is always safe and sound in our climate-controlled storage facility. And whether on property or waiting for you in storage, we always know your Locker's location through our state-of-the art warehouse management system.

Storage is only half of the equation. The other half is the timely pick-up and delivery service to your hotel or resort. We follow your schedule so when you book a visit your Locker will be there waiting for you. When you leave, we'll pick it up. We’ll confirm all of this with e-mails and texts to your cell phone letting you know the instant your Locker has been delivered.

Click here for a list of Resorts and Hotels. (All Disney Resorts are listed under "D")

Owner's Locker is flexible. As your needs change, we change with you. The service allows you to have as many or as few Lockers as you need and keep track all of them. We’ll also help you store items that won’t fit in our Lockers through our Out of the Box feature.

People who own a vacation home feel at home the instant they walk through the door because they are surrounded by personal items. Now you can experience that same second home feeling at your resort. With Owner’s Locker we’ll keep the special things that make YOU feel at home and will have them waiting there for you when you arrive.  


This is it. It's the heart of the business. It might sound crazy that a container is going to change the way you go on vacation, but it will. When you become a Member of Owner's Locker, you will receive one of our Lockers for you to store your personal items.

"It's huge!", "It's much bigger than I expected", "You can get a LOT in there", "I put an entire suitcase full of stuff in there and had plenty of room left over." This is what our Members have to say about the size of the Locker. Oh, they do manage to get it filled to the brim but it takes some effort. Our Lockers are literally industrial strength and can handle anything you are able to put in them. You won't find anything this sturdy in a store and we guarantee our Lockers for life. There is no weight limit and they come with security seals. And they're PURPLE!

Each Locker comes with dividers to help you organize the contents of your Locker. They're great for keeping tall items like bottles from falling over. They can be easily reconfigured and customized for how you use your Locker. For example, you can create a special compartment for an item like a water filter. Or they can be removed altogether.

Here's where you keep the little items such as a sewing kit, Q-Tips, batteries, tweezers, hair ties and medications. All of the things that might fall to the bottom and get lost! Some of our Members with kids have managed to build up a small pharmacy in their trays. They have 10 compartments and a lid that clicks shut. When you first get your Locker, you'll see that we have created a special place for it by using the dividers. Like the dividers, however, you don't have to keep the organizer tray in your Locker. We've heard more than one story about how they make great jewelry boxes or tackle boxes back home!

An air bed, a water filer, a keyboard, a game console, special champagne glasses, sheets, a vase for flowers, a food processor, a cappuccino machine, even a cast iron skillet. These are some of the special items our Members tell us they keep in their Lockers. If you are curious about the things people have put in their Lockers head over to the Owners Locker Facebook Page. So how will you use your Locker? What would you like to have on hand at your resort? What are you tired of carrying back and forth? And would what you like to have here that you'd never even consider hauling back and forth?


This is it. It's the heart of the business. It might sound crazy that a container is going to change the way you go on vacation, but it will. When you become a Member of Owner's Locker, you will receive one of our Lockers for you to store your personal items.


Today, you will be asked to agree to become a Member of Owner's Locker. You will be asked to choose the annual plan best for you and choose whether you would like to pay your yearly fee in advance in a lump sum or pay as you go with monthly payments for the storage and delivery of your Locker. You will also be asked to agree to abide by these Owner's Locker terms and conditions.

Membership in Owner's Locker

By signing up today, you agree to pay a one-time Membership Fee. This Membership Fee entitles you to Owner's Locker Membership for life and includes the following:

--Your personal Locker with its dividers, lid and small item storage case. The Locker is guaranteed for life. If you would like to keep your Locker upon termination of your Owner’s Locker membership, you will asked to pay $50 if you cancel your membership within the first two years and $25 if you cancel between two and five years. Once you have been a Member for five years, the Locker is yours to keep at no cost.

--Your initial Visit--delivery of your Locker to and pick-up from your resort. When you complete this sign up process, you will be directed to the My Account section of our website (we call it your Dashboard) where you can tell us the details of your first Visit. We will have your empty Locker waiting for you when you arrive and we will pick it up from your resort filled with your personal items promptly after you depart.

Use Year

When your Locker comes into our warehouse for the first time full of your stuff at the end of your initial Visit, we call this your Anniversary Date and it determines when you will be billed. If you have elected to pay annually, that payment will be charged on your Anniversary Date. If you have elected to pay monthly, your first monthly payment will be charged on that date. Your Anniversary Date is also used to determine in which year a Visit falls if you are on our Moderate Plan.

Annual Plan Membership Plan and Payment

As a Member of Owner's Locker you will choose an annual membership plan as well as choose whether you would like to pay your annual plan fee yearly in advance or in monthly payments.

Our current annual membership plans include:

Value Plan. The Value Plan is designed to cover a year when you do not plan to have your Locker delivered at all. It is currently $85 per year or $8.50 per month and includes storage of your Locker and NO free round trips Visits. Each round trip Visit will currently cost $27.50

Moderate Plan. Most Owner’s Locker Members choose this plan. It is the most economical if you plan to come to Orlando at least once per year. It is currently $105 per year or $10.50 per month and includes storage of your Locker and ONE free round trip “use it or lose it” Visit per use year. Extra round trip Visits are currently $27.50 for the first Locker of $13.75 for each additional Locker if you have more than one.

Deluxe Plan. If your come to Orlando MORE THAN FOUR times per year, this is the plan for you. It is currently $190 per year for the first Locker and $150 per year for each additional Locker if you have more than one. It includes storage of your Locker and UNLIMITED round trip Visits.

Switching Plans. We know your vacation plans vary from year to year and our goal is keep you from paying more money than you should. You are free to switch from one plan to another as long as the plan you choose is for an entire use year. We ask that you contact us to make these changes as they need to be done manually by our team

Locker Storage

As part of your annual membership plan, Owner's Locker agrees to store your Locker for you whenever you are not at your resort. We will store your Locker in a unique location in our climate controlled warehouse. Your Locker and its storage location will each be identified by unique bar codes. Our warehouse is secured and sprinklered and we maintain an elaborate electronic security system.

Scheduling Visits

Owner’s Locker is all online and you are in charge. When you sign up, you choose a user name and password to allow you to access your account at any time. You control when and where you would like your Locker delivered by scheduling a Visit on your dashboard. Once you have scheduled a Visit, Owner's Locker will retrieve you Locker from its storage location in our warehouse and deliver it to the bell stand/front desk of your resort so that it is waiting for you when you check in. We will pick up your Locker from your resort when you check out and place it back into a storage location in our warehouse. We call this a Visit.


When you sign up for Owner’s Locker, you will be asked to enter your credit card details which will immediately be stored by Verisign/PayPal. We do not store any credit card data. You will also choose whether you would like to pay for your annual plan on a yearly or monthly basis. The Membership Fee is payable when you sign up for Owner’s Locker. The yearly fee (annual or monthly as you have chosen) for your annual membership plan will be charged to your card on the day your Locker comes into the Owner's Locker warehouse for the first time to be stored (your Anniversary Date). Charges for extra Visits will be charged as soon as you schedule them. Since we do not store any credit card details for security reasons, you will need to enter card details to schedule the extra Visits. If it is the annual free Visit included in the Moderate Plan or any Visit if you are on the Deluxe plan, there will be no charge.

Visits can be modified or cancelled at any time and any Visit fee will be refunded but you will be charged a full Visit fee if you do not cancel your visit and we deliver and then have to pick up your Locker

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you are authorizing Owner's Locker to charge your credit card for your annual membership plan.

Insurance/ Liability

Your Locker is for your personal items but it is not a safe. While you can store pretty much anything you want in your Locker, please keep in mind that there are limits on Owner's Locker's liability for loss or damage to your Locker or its contents. The arrangement between you and Owner's Locker is called a bailment which means we take custody of your Locker and agree to exercise due care when it is in our control. You agree that our liability is strictly limited to replacement of the Locker itself and a maximum $100 for the contents. Please note that our liability for the contents of your Locker applies only while the Locker is in our control. So, if your Locker is stolen from your car or your resort, it is your responsibility.

If you feel that this is not sufficient coverage, it is your responsibility to secure additional coverage through your homeowner's policy or elsewhere. The typical homeowner's policy should cover items stored in your Locker but if this is a concern, you should contact your insurance company.

It is Owner's Locker strict policy not to open Lockers except in the case of an emergency. We highly respect our Members' privacy and will only open a Locker when it is obvious that the contents of that Locker are affecting or could result in damage to other Lockers, our warehouse or our staff. If this ever happens, we will promptly notify the Member and you agree to be responsible for any damage caused by the contents of your Locker.

As long as you are a Member of Owner's Locker, your Locker is guaranteed for your life and ours. If you somehow manage to seriously damage it so that its integrity is compromised, we'll replace it free of charge.


Life is full of changes and if, for any reason, Owner's Locker no longer makes sense for you, we understand. When you let us know that you want to cancel, please specify whether you would like your Locker delivered to your resort one last time, shipped to you or destroyed.

From the moment your Locker leaves our warehouse for the last time we will refund any unused entire months of prepaid storage fees that were part of your annual membership plan or use the balance to defray the cost of shipping if you so elect. If you never want to see your Locker or its contents again, it will be destroyed. If you want your Locker to be delivered to you while you're at the resort, make sure when you schedule a visit you specify that it's a final delivery. If you would like us to ship your Locker to you, we will do so at your expense. If you decide you’d like to keep the Locker after you have cancelled, there will be a $50 charge for the Locker if you are cancelling within the first two years of your membership; a $25 charge if you are cancelling after two years; and no charge if you have been a member of Owner'’ Locker for five years or more.


It is in your and our best interest for you to keep your account profile up to date and accurate. To store your Locker and deliver it, we need to be able to charge your credit card. We will notify you when your credit card details are about to expire. We will also notify you if a charge to your credit card has been declined. In the case of your yearly annual membership plan fee, if we do not have payment within 45 days, your Locker will not be delivered until your account is brought up to date. If your annual fee remains unpaid for 60 days after your Anniversary Date, your Locker and its contents may be destroyed.

If you have elected monthly payments, your Locker will not be delivered if your account in not up to date and if you have missed three consecutive monthly payments, your Locker may be destroyed.

Not only is it your responsibility to make sure that your credit card details are accurate and up to date, you must also notify us of changes in address, phone number and e-mail address so we may contact you if necessary.

Locker Rules and Usage Tips

Included with your Locker will be a set of guidelines which may change from time to time. You agree to read and abide by these guidelines and you must agree not put anything in your Locker that is illegal under the laws of the United States or the State of Florida. You must not store any food in open containers, and you should always tighten caps and realize that any items that can absorb odors (clothes) will do so in a very short period of time.

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